Funky Friday – My First Post

Over the last couple of weeks I have been exploring some great new sounds. Well… new to me anyway!


Having listened to the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show on BBC 6 Music quite a lot recently, I have been developing a keen interest in some funky / afrobeat rhythms, and I thought I’d share a few of my recent discoveries / favourites with you.


First up: EMEFE

I downloaded their Good Future album and was absolutely blown away. I was therefore delighted to learn that they have recently released details of their up coming self-titled Funk-Pop album that is set to be a groove laden and exciting ride!


Next: Fela Kuti: Go Slow

Ok this one isn’t completely new to me, but after reading that EMEFE were influenced by Fela’s music, I decided to go back and listen again to some old favourites!


Finally: Fusik: Percusso

Found this one on soundcloud whilst having a funk inspired browse. This Florida based group will get you moving!



Ok… First post done! More on the way 🙂




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