Isaac Delusion @ Centre Culturel John Lennon, Limoges

One last review for this week!

Last night I went over to the John Lennon centre for the second time this week to see Isaac Delusion supported by Mesparrow.

Mesparrow opened the show and wowed us all by lacing her wonderfully clear vocals together with mpc triggered loops and live piano arrangements. Her voice alone is more than capable of captivating a crowd, however I felt that her live show could definitely have benefited from the dynamism that a drummer would have brought to the table. Check out some videos of her music on her Youtube Channel.

After a short pause the french four piece who go by the name of Isaac Delusion took to the stage and began to entertain us with their brand of airy electro-pop. While they too lacked a live drummer, they actually managed to maintain a good level of dynamism on stage. I thought their material translated very well to the live environment, and listening again to some of their recordings, I can’t help but feel that some of their energy was lost in the recording process.

I read a review which compared the band to Caribou, however I do not feel that this is an appropriate comparison to make. Isaac Delusion write some excellent pop songs but don’t have quite the same penchant for experimentation that someone like Dan Snaith has built his career upon.

The lead singer’s voice was the highlight of the show for me (it somehow reminded me of Anthony and The Johnsons) and I believe that it is this voice that enables the band to raise their heads above the plethra of other similar electronic ensembles that are out there these days.

All in all, a great concert and well worth the euros spent.


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