Totorro @ Centre Culturel John Lennon


Ok, so if I’m honest with you, Totorro were not billed as the headline act for last Friday’s gig at the John Lennon Centre in Limoges, but I have chosen to focus on their performance instead of those of Peter Kernel and Extreme Precautions because, in my opinion, Totorro stole the show.

Although Extreme Precautions’ grindcore influenced tracks with machine gun fire drops, huge bass lines and the odd scream were a fantastic spectacle, he didn’t really get the crowd going. In fact it was definitely the wrong crowd for the type of music he was offering up! I’ll admit that I really enjoyed seeing him perform his live ableton set, but it’s not the sort of music I would choose to listen to all that often… just a personal preference!

As for Peter Kernel, I admittedly enjoyed the odd song, but I was left with the sensation that their performance, and in fact most of their song and lyric writing, were just a bit too nonchalant (dare I say lazy?)

Totorro however gave a fantastic demonstration of their technical prowess and dynamic performance skills. This fresh faced four piece band from Rennes were a joy to watch and the sound system at the venue allowed them to really fill the available space with their overpowering wave of guitar driven instrumental rock. If you are into your post-rock, I’d recommend checking them out here.




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