Review: Chill Bump @ La Fourmi

On Friday night I strolled down to La Fourmi in Limoges to go and see the hip hop duo Chill Bump. The pair have recently released their album Ego Trip which seems to have caused quite a stir amongst young Limoges hip hop fans. I say ‘young’ merely because it was refreshing to see a Limoges crowd  made up almost entirely of teenagers and students. At the last few gigs I’d been to the average age had definitely been over 30 so it was a welcome change!

Dj/Producer Bankal and MC Miscellaneous brought their recorded, sample-heavy, material to life in an exciting and innovative way. They had three workstations on stage including one ableton/record scratching station, one NI Maschine, and an MPC 1000. This combination made for an exciting visual experience as the two performers moved from station to station between songs. A scratch interlude and effective use of the in house lighting rig further enhanced the over all experience.

The material itself had a classic hip hop feel to it and Miscellaneous’ delivery was spot on and precise. Although their material could be said to lack some of the lyrical subtlety that discerning fan might look for, it was fantastic to hear some hip hop rhythms blasting through a large sound system all night. The use of a Chewbacca mask and sample were an added bonus that really got the crowd going early on.

I think their album is well worth a listen, so check it out here!



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