My Name Is Nobody @ Le Phare

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me so I haven’t had the time to post anything on here lately, but I thought I’d quickly jot something down about a concert I went to on Wednesday at Le Phare in Limoges.

Although the venue was not as jam packed as the last time I was there, the smaller crowd gave the evening a more intimate atmosphere – which made me feel a bit more privileged to be there!

Before I go on, have a listen to the band / singer in question: My Name Is Nobody

In the recording of Safe Travel’ that is available on bandcamp, you will notice that drums do not play a major role in the arrangements. However, the My Name Is Nobody concert that I saw on Wednesday was very different.

Singer Vincent Dupas was joined by a drummer (called Pierre I think) who helped him to reinterpret his songs in a fresh and intriguing way.

For me, the drums were the highlight of the show, and for this reason I was more than a little disappointed when I listened to some My Name Is Nobody recordings afterwards and found that he did not really feature!

Towards the start of the set the drummer used his instrument as an ambient sound design tool rather than merely a rhythmic instrument used to provide some sort of skeletal structure. This fantastic use of drums confirmed to me yet again that the music I currently enjoy the most is the music that challenges my rhythmic abilities whilst not becoming inaccessible to an amateur audience.

Vincent Dupas’ lyrics were hard to make out, probably due to the room acoustics, but his guitar playing and slow, wavy song arrangements were hypnotic and enthralling throughout the entire set. It is this instrumentally hypnotic side of his music that is more audible in the ‘Safe Travel’ record.


Have a listen and if you get the chance go and see them play. You can find their live dates here.



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