Reactions: The Night Took Us in Like Family

Over the last two weeks I’ve been listening to The Night Took Us In Like Family by L’Orange and Jeremiah Jae, and if you’re reading this I would advise you to check it out right here!

It’s a lovely record that has a superbly warm and comfortable feel to it. For me it is L’Orange’s production that makes the album such a pleasure to listen to. His use of sampled material creates a coherent and uncompromising atmosphere that fills one with nostalgia for a nocturnal urban environment that is reminiscent of a vintage Gotham like setting.

It sounds to me like this atmosphere is brought about through the frequent use of sampled dialogues from crime films and tv shows as well as a lot of crackly vinyl drum and melodic samples…

The album has a definite sense of coherency to it, and Jeremiah Jae’s understated laid back rhymes, that weave their way through most of the tracks, reinforce this coherency. Features from Gift of Gab and Homeboy Sandman add a little variation to the album’s soundscape, but do not distract from the overall effect.

Overall, I love it. I have great respect for artists that commit to the album format, and create a record that has a definite aesthetic. This record does exactly that, and does not become boring, but rather pulls one further into its world of comfortable crime with each and every song.


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