A Dose of Country

I do not profess myself to be an avid country music fan at this current point in time. However, I always try and remain open to new things, especially when it involves music! So, when I was invited to accompany a good friend of mine to a country music event at the Jazz café in Camden last night, I naturally accepted the kind invitation and headed to Camden for a 7.30pm start.

As you can tell if you look back at the archives of this blog, I have been to shockingly few gigs lately, so it was a thrill to be back inside a good venue enjoying some tasty live music on a big ‘ole sound system!

The first act, Luke and Mel, were a very family friendly act that didn’t exactly bring the house down but that warmed up the crowd nicely. One of their guitars sounded a touch too tinny for my liking but their melodies were very pleasant.

Following them up we had the wonderful Dexeter, a duo who, to my mind, had a fantastic stage presence and a brilliant connection with the crowd. The female lead singer had a stunning and powerful voice which meant that the duo were able to warm things up with a great selection of ballads.

Laura Oakes and her band were up next, and they really cranked up the volume. I definitely enjoyed the addition of drums into the mix and the band’s tight performance was a pleasure to witness. I particularly enjoyed her cover of Rocket man.

I unfortunately had to leave soon after Laura Oakes’ performance, but I was able to catch a couple of songs by Sonia Leigh and her band.

All in all it was a great evening and it was a pleasure to see the way that country music is thriving in the UK.





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