Two Shows



 I associate Foals with their album ‘Total Life Forever’ and I must admit I haven’t been too avid a follower of their musical activities since the time that album first emerged. Therefore, I associate the band with relatively accessible reverb drenched vocals and plucked guitar lines that draw you in from the moment they kick in.


However, when I went to see them play recently at the Kingston Hippodrome I did come away feeling ever so slightly disappointed. Not only did I start to feel a little old when I realised I was considerably more aged than the hoard of teenagers surrounding me, but the venue meant that, unless you lost yourself up front in the pit, the sound and available sight line was less than satisfactory. Furthermore, their more recent material seems to cater to the tastes of a younger audience and feels like a slightly less subtly detailed listening experience. The sound came in blocks that overwhelmed the listener and drowned out the intricacies of the songs.


All in all, I enjoyed the show but found that it did not quite live up to all my expectations.



The Neighbourhood


            In contrast to my experience in Kingston where I saw Foals perform, The Neighbourhood were an absolute treat to behold and the venue, Heaven, was everything a gig goer could hope for. A great sound was to be experienced from front to back and the band really knew how to let their material shine through.


A delightful cross between The Weeknd’s high and hip hop influenced vocals and a more traditional guitar band set up reminiscent of bands like placebo, The Neighbourhood put on a truly thrilling show.


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