Text Collages and Hypertextuality

My friend Andrew recently showed me a poem that he had posted on WordPress. I thought I’d share it on here as I really like the way he has used WordPress as a creative tool through which he can create an impressive collage of words, sound and video that is capable of immersing the reader in his imaginative world.

It is interesting to think how technology and social media can influence the way we write, the way we read and the way we generally consume works of art.

I am definitely now starting to think about how websites, WordPress, blogs and social media sites can be phenomenal creative tools. Through using these tools it might be possible to become more engaging as an artist and more relevant to people’s everyday lives. Techniques similar to the one Andrew used here might allow people to easily gain access to an artist’s creative process and state of mind. It also allows the creator to add depth and multimodal texture to their work.

Anyway, thanks Andrew. And the rest of you… if you can spare a moment, have a read.


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